What We Do

Please see our update at LawsonChristopher.org. Our new SRN website is under construction and can now be found here https://www.SpiritualResearchNetwork.org.

Proclaiming the Gospel and Encouraging Biblical Discernment!
Chris Lawson, Director

Since 2004 SRN has been helping individuals and families proactively make a difference in the church and in the world.

Our Mission

Spiritual Research Network is currently operating in the State of California.

SRN exists in order to:

  • Glorify, honor and serve the Lord Jesus Christ by proclaiming His Gospel of man’s redemption.

  • Provide evangelistic training and resources with an emphasis on the Bible as the verbal and plenary inspired, inerrant Word of God.

  • Expose any and all doctrines that oppose or nullify the Gospel of grace as found in Scripture.

  • Contend earnestly for the faith against those who suppress, and/or reject doctrinal truth for the sake of unbiblical ecumenical unity.

  • Encourage and support former members of other belief systems.

In order to carry out our Mission, we seek to reach out in the following ways:

  • We have a local growing lending library of books, tapes, tracts and DVD's developed specifically for people seeking sound Bible teaching and discernment resources.

  • We offer books, tracts and DVD's developed specifically for reaching out to undiscerning Christians and those seeking to escape from abusive cults, the occult, mysticism based spirituality.

  • We teach Bible studies in homes and churches in order to equip believers with sound biblical doctrine.

  • We provide seminars in order to help equip Christians evangelize people in cults and the occult.

  • We publish research articles through our online updates and mailings.

  • We encourage people who, upon leaving their former faith, may experience a vast array of feelings and struggles associated with guilt, doubt, family rejection, or instability in their Christianity.

  • We are involved with short-term missions projects as funds allow.

What We've Achieved

  • Established Spiritual Research Network during a long-term missions outreach (2004-2007) to Edinburgh, Scotland.

  • Transitioned ministry to the State of California and served as a nonprofit organization from (10/2008 to 06/2014).

  • Assisted and promoted numerous ministries and helped them get their message out.

  • Collaborated with various researchers and authors and encouraged them in their work.

  • Answered thousands of e-mails on spiritual discernment issues.

  • Publicly addressed a number of issues that few ministries will cover.

  • Recognition as a ministry that will not sacrifice truth for the sake of unbiblical unity.

  • Consistency as a ministry that remains fully committed to the proclamation and defense of the biblical gospel.